You are a training organisation

  • Pitch Up simplifies the management of your services to your customers (ergonomics, no bandwidth problems, optimization of your time).
  • Reinforces the power of your feebdacks (system of comments synchronized to the video: precision, exhaustiveness, ...).
  • Pitch Up integrates your existing educational video resources or the Pitch Up team helps you to design them.
  • Pitch Up enhances the personalized follow-up of each of your customers and creates additional business opportunities.

How does Pitch Up work for your customers? By relying on the 3 pillars of impact


The 3 pillars of impact

1. Preparation

  • The employees rely on tips capsules: pedagogical resources for your training courses (speaking, soft skills, personal development, ...) in video format.
  • The Pitch Up team integrates your existing teaching resources within 48 hours or helps you to create customised ones.
  • Employees structure their speeches by creating presentation notes that can be used in prompter mode.
  • They import and edit their PowerPoint or PDF presentations to use them as a support during their recordings.

The 3 pillars of impact

2. Training

  • Thanks to video recording with slides or prompter, employees can immerse themselves in their text and your tips to master it.
  • They practice in front of virtual audiences to experiment "real-life" test of their speeches.
  • They use their smartphone as a remote control to manage their recordings, even standing up and away from the camera.
  • They can record themselves in complete confidentiality and allow themselves to miss, with kindness. There's no secret: the more you train, the better you perform!

The 3 pillars of impact

3. Feedbacks

  • Employees can first give themselves a self-feedback.
  • The trainers send their requests (exercises, scenarios, etc...) with instructions and any support material.
  • Employees train, record themselves and send their video to their trainer.
  • Trainers watch their recordings wherever and whenever they want. They position their feedback and advice directly on the key moments of the video thanks to the "feedback line".

With Pitch Up you can easily create and share your video presentations.

  • Your slides are automatically embedded and synchronized.
  • Use your created videos as new educational resources (e.g. tips, specific exercises between training sessions, ...)
  • Your recipients will be able to freely switch the display of the slides and the registered person.