You are a company

  • Pitch Up helps your employees to control their speeches in an autonomous way.
  • Allows everyone to make sure they are ready
  • If necessary, Pitch Up also facilitates feedback from managers and internal or external experts.
  • Pitch Up also allows you to easily create and share video presentations with embedded slides.

How? By relying on the 3 pillars of impact for the user


The 3 pillars of impact

1. Preparation

  • Employees use the Pitch Up tips capsules to improve the construction and embodiment of their face-to-face or remote interventions (presentations, speaking engagements, etc.).
  • The Pitch Up team integrates in 48 hours your company's existing teaching resources or creates them with you.
  • Employees structure their speeches by creating presentation notes that can be used in prompter mode.
  • They import and edit their PowerPoint or PDF presentations to use them as a support during their recordings.

The 3 pillars of impact

2. Training

  • Thanks to video recording with slides or prompter, employees can immerse themselves in their text to master it.
  • They practice in front of virtual audiences to experiment "real-life" test of their presentation.
  • They use their smartphone as a remote control to manage their recordings, even standing up and away from the camera.
  • They can record themselves in complete confidentiality and allow themselves to miss, with kindness. There's no secret: the more you train, the better you perform!

The 3 pillars of impact

3. Feedbacks

  • Self-feedback: employees view their recordings and identify their strengths and areas for improvement thanks to the "feedback line".
  • Additional feedback: if needed, they can benefit from precise and exhaustive advice and feedback directly in the video from their managers or from internal or external experts.

With Pitch Up you can easily create and share your video presentations.

  • Share your videos outside of Pitch Up thanks to a link, both internally (e.g. for your teams) and externally (e.g. for your customers).
  • Easily create your videos, your slides are automatically embedded and synchronized.
  • Your recipients will be able to freely switch the display of the slides and the recorded person.