Give teams the power to master each presentation. Even when you're remote!

Pitch Up is the first ever e-training tool that will have your teams ready for any kind of presentation.


Feedbacks to the teams, wherever you want, whenever you can

Before each deadline:

  1. Ask the teams to prepare and send a video of their presentation
  2. Watch their videos whenever and wherever you want
  3. Share your feedbacks in their video

Training made easy

  • The teams record themselves in their Pitch Up account, then watch and identify their strengths and areas for improvement using the « feedback line »
  • They are free to do it as many times as they want. There's no secret: the more you train, the better you perform!

Tips Capsules

  • Discover our unique expertise to improve the construction and the impact of your presentations, using our video sequences
  • Discover them one by one or just pick the themes you want to strengthen

Tailor-made tools

Presentation notes:

  • Build the presentations based on the framework we provide
  • Use the notes in « prompter mode » during the recordings

Slides :

  • Import PowerPoint or PDF presentations. The slides will be synchronized with the videos.

And to experiment a "real-life" test of your presentation, record yourself in front of one of the many virtual audiences options we have.


Teams are ready for each presentation!